GREECE: The Forest fires broke out many region and reached near the Greek capital of Athens.

By Dr Tanveer Ahmed / 20 Jul Fri.
In Greece, is the continuing series of forest fires. On Thursday afternoon, began in the Attic Daskalio Kakia Thalassa, about 30 kilometers southeast of the capital, Athens, fire several houses. On five of them caused severe property damage. A monastery located there,. Out in the field were seven fire-fighting planes and two helicopters and 25 emergency vehicles of the fire department. Another group of 36 firefighters fought the flames on foot. In several parts of Greece, it was already on Wednesday led to large forest fires. This mainly affected the Peloponnese and the island of Crete. On the northern Peloponnese on Wednesday had to be evacuated five villages. In some cases, the emergency was declared. In the Peloponnese, three firefighters were slightly injured and taken to a hospital. At least six buildings were damaged there. Favors the flames were caused by high temperatures, drought and strong winds. On Thursday, it is still burning in the Peloponnese in the regional district of Achaia, near the port city of Patras. Here are the affected area and the villages of Agios Jorgios Platani, were mainly forest and agricultural land affected. Since the winds have now narrowed somewhat, the fires have now been contained by firefighters or less. Out in the field were still fighting airplanes, helicopters, 69 fire engines, many fire fighters on foot, and about 50 soldiers. Could be also insulates the fires in the district of Achaia in the sella region, as well as Argyra Ano and Kato Kastritsi. On Wednesday there had to be partially evacuated residents. The fire department fought here today is plagued by recurring fires.

The former Prime Minister George Papandreou on Wednesday visited the region and was informed about the situation there. The fires in the Peloponnese broke out in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Of the fire-fighting operations on Wednesday had six older aircraft of the type Canadair be removed because they had technical problems. A fire occurred on Wednesday afternoon on the island of Crete. Here was affected mainly the administrative district of Chania. At least ten houses were reportedly damaged. The fire front had on Wednesday partially extended over a width of 20 kilometers. Meanwhile, the fire should also have been reasonably contained. Agricultural land were destroyed by fire as well as forest and bush land. The vice mayor of Kissamos, west of Chania, Michalis Mountakis told, that animals and beehives have become victims of the flames. Here, too, had set a helicopter on Wednesday because of technical problems extinguishing the fire.
For the third day, the fire fighting on Thursday in the vicinity of Zevgolatio at Corinth against the flames. Here, the fire has so far been limited to a ravine. Even in Arcadia in the Peloponnese on Wednesday, a fire broke out. With the help of the aircraft fire-fighting operations were crowned with success relatively quickly. There is high risk nowadays, especially in the areas of Attica, Crete, Corinth, Argolis, and on the islands of Chios, Samos and Ikaria.

GREECE: The 69% Greek unable to enjoy this summer vaoction becuase of deep econimic crisis.

By Dr Tanveer Ahmed / Jul 10 Tue. 

More than 69 in 100 Greeks will not take a holiday in the summer of 2012, while the costs of 15 days holiday a 4-member family reach 3,000 euros, according to a recent INKA survey. The recent nationwide survey of INKA, which took place from 9-13 July 2012, using telephone interviews to 865 people: More than 69 Greeks in 100 consumers said that they do not plan or think that will eventually make holidays in the summer of 2012. Reasons for not making the holiday are economic reasons 69%, professional and income volatility 21%, business or other reasons 10%. According to data from the same survey, 31% to 80% will make a short break at most 5 days. The place of origin is gaining momentum and vitality since there will alter their interest in the Greek tourists. The Greeks live in a friendly house owned 55% , A relative, friend's house 25% , In hotels and rented houses or rooms to 20%. The duration of the holiday all together, the family, it seems increasingly limited and tends to disappear. During 2012, will hold 4 Day holiday in 31% , 7 days 25% , 10day 26%, 15 days 15% and 20 days just 4%. The daily cost of a four member family holiday at the hotel start at 120 euros + transport overhead, 120 million in land and islands, flights + car travel expenses - reimbursement, depending on the island (Crete) + 458 euros. The shortening of the duration of the holiday is mainly due to factors detuning of the modern Greek, severity of the economic downturn, and inverse proportion to the real wage inflation decreases labor, combined with the subsequent need for additional work and the relaxation of family ties among parents and children and especially between parents and unemployment. At the same time, "disappeared" and the known distribution of holidays in more seasons festive 3-day, Christmas, Easter, etc.The sea continues to satisfy the preferences of the vast majority of Greeks and 80% of preferences, while the mountains "win" some ground compared with previous studies by combining 20%. Finally, the tourist destinations abroad this year will be reduced by about 50%. According to calculations INKA least cost for Accommodation 15 days of a 4-member family now reaches 3,000 euros. According to repeated surveys annually INKA, price differences for the same product or service, in tourist areas show dramatic differences-often-outrageous than the average of the rest of the country. The virtual absence of stable and permanent public structures, policies and effective monitoring mechanisms in the highly sensitive field of tourism-led older-more accessible to consumers Greek tourist market in a new era of high cost and inconsistency or even often poor, quality . Both have become prohibitive holidays in Greece for many Greek consumers, even the short and secondly, the shift of foreign tourists, who are usually priority targets and easier "victims" of bad practices on the part of businesses and professionals - to other destinations. It features the results yielded by these practices carried over from the "Olympic Summer"-which occurred in the most excessive way, and remain as practices that have not been hit for years to come. Consumer complaints for coastal shipping transport costs and car person at this year's summer season in addition to creating a feeling of insecurity for the journey, and hence their reluctance to plan their holidays on the islands of Greece.

GREECE: The five million visitors to the Acropolis Museum in three years.

By Dr Tanveer Ahmed / Jun 22 Fri.

The Acropolis Museum visitors reached across the world wide around  5 million in the last of three year said Greek source. The musem past three year has worked its own revenue without burdening the state budget. The Acropolis Museum featured over the last of three years into an international dialgue with with the other museum and abolished the stereotyopes, said the caretaker Minister of the Cutlure MS, Tatiana Karapoangaioti to mart the anniversay.Some believe that culture and museums are an unnecessary luxury in difficult times. We experienced other things, "said the President at noon the Acropolis Museum, Professor Dimitris Pantermalis. "We saw ordinary people touched by their walk the halls of the museum and take a deep breath escaping from the gray reality. The visitors, seeing statues beside the burnt destruction of the Persian masterpieces born soon after, they automatically shunt the potential of the next day after the current economic crisis, "he added. Regarding the mandate of the Ministry of Culture Minister also had to submit an interesting experience: "I realized that the public works, at least I knew what the Ministry of Culture," he said. "When you are out you can make easy criticism, but inwardly you realize the difficulty of things. So I'll be more forgiving than now. " The promotion of projects of the NSRF and hours of museums and archaeological sites were the priorities, which ypiretithikan flawlessly despite the short presence of the ministry. As part of its powers also refer the matter of the old Acropolis Museum (on the rock) to the public body and ACTC KSNM the question of maintaining or demolition. With room to shine on the attic light and the luster of marble statues, especially for today and even the sounds of live classical music museum greets the audience already increased from the previous month, with changes, improvements, broken welds sculptures so they get more integrated form and the report of two metopes from the Parthenon came to be saved from decay.

 A museum amazing, magical and especially our own! "He added. Having also attended the birth of the period of excavation even after he has recorded in the lens of the whole process step by step from beginning to end, Mrs. Karapanagioti they could feel like home. A "funny" incident, however, prevented her and the secretary general of the Ministry of Culture (as yet) Lina Mendoni lady, whose name refers to the next government, to arrive on time as the guardian of the entrance of the street do not Makriyannis recognized and not allowed to pass. New measures announced by Mr. Pandermalis also with the first expansion of the ground floor of the cafe where we were seated, the outer space above the excavation. Museum of the excavation is to be created from just below where you will be exposed on the 1,500 findings, which are currently in storage. As for the election itself excavation measuring about 3 acres ... let opsetai the Bank of Greece "clip" the reserve of the museum. As said Pantermalis from 3.7 million left only 900,000, so now the sponsor wanted to help with the project, subject, however, one year. Interesting is the effect on the light in ancient times, starting on June 27. Inspired by the golden light that illuminates when the light sources in the anespero Erechtheion, emblematic of the museum exhibits, such as copper-tube trireme had also been found in the Erechtheion, the displays will be marked with the special brochure will be distributed at the entrance.Presented in July will also report on the little color that is retained even in the ancient sculptures in the museum under investigation which is ongoing. The peplophoros daughter, whose cast painted with colors derived from this study will be the proposal of the Acropolis Museum scientists on the subject. "Until now the color of her daughter has changed three times," said Mr Pantermalis assuring that the final result will have significant deviations from the archaic colored sculptures, German scientists showed that a few years ago.

The Acropolis Museum celebrates its third birthday invites the world to visit

By Dr Tanveer Ahmed / Jun 20

The live tunes combined with the amazing view of the sacred rocks Acorpolos visitor will travel to Greece one full of the culture light and splender. The Acroplois Museum Wednesday Jun 20 clebrates its third birthday and invites the world to visit from 8 am to midnight with a reduce fare of 3 Euros and many events. From 11 am to 8 pm small lensembles and solosits will unravel the halls of musical journey starting with the ancient sound and station in the Renaissances, Baroques, classical and romantic era, but also to world of the 20th century. The exibation space of 14,000 squar meters ten times larger than the old museum. The new museum offers all service needed by an international museum of the 21st century and a model comples in the city. The ERT Choir will present works of Dodecanese G. Constantinides and excerpts from compositions by Javier Busto and Lajos Bardos on the ground floor, overlooking the pediment of Hekatompedon. A concert of the Orchestra of Contemporary Music and the Choir of ERT works by Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, Papadimitriou and Xarhakos in harmony with the most important archaeological site in the country.

GREECE: The wave of Russian tourists to Greece

By Dr Tanveer Ahmed / Jun 19.

The percentage increase for the critical month of May is 21.5%. About 5,000 visas issued daily by the Greek consulate in Moscow. Increased but slightly lower than initial forecasts are tourists from Russia according to the number of visas (visa) issued by the Greek consular authorities of Russian civilians since early 2012.  According to statements by John Boats, Consul General of Greece in Moscow, Abe, the 84,469 visas were issued in May, compared to 69,526 the same month of 2011. Positive elements are the total for the first five months of the year in which 127,393 visas were issued, compared to 107,480 last year (18.5%).  The floating estimates that growth will be the trend and the remainder of the season, as the people of the Consulate-although the staff has been reduced, now issued from 4500 to 5000 visas daily.

GREECE: The Greeks  seeks an-International aid to combat wildfires near Athens

 By Dr Tanveer Ahmed / Jun 18.

The  wildfire near Athens and other city  on Sunday, burning rural land and sending some residents fleeing their homes, but firefighters said they expected to bring it under control within hours. State NET TV reports that 63 wildfires broke out during the last 48 hours across the country. Wildfires are frequent in Greece during the summer, often due to soaring temperatures and strong winds, drought or arson. Greece sought international aid to combat the wildfires that started on Saturday, spread to an area of  20,000 acres and burnt of rural and agricultural land, several houses, professional sites and warehouses and causing dozens of residents to flee their homes in the Eastern Attica region some 30 to 50 km away from Athens. The wildfire that broke on Saturday noon quickly spread due to strong winds. Following a Fire Brigades request Greece’s caretaker government informed EU-member states that the country is in need of help. The  wildfire near Athens raged unabated on Sunday, burning rural land and sending some residents fleeing their homes, but firefighters said they expected to bring it under control within hours. More than 140 firefighters with dozens of engines battled the flames, aided by seven aircraft and four helicopters.The fire broke out on Saturday from sparks at a site where workers had been welding, and, fanned by strong winds, it quickly spread to engulf the settlements of Palaia Fokaia, Keratea and Legraina near the southern coast of Athens. On Saturday police detained four men with the charge of negligencly starting the blaze while doing wielding works. Another man was detained also on Sunday. Five firefighters were taken to hospital with breathing problems. The wildfires have been mostly taken under control however there are still hearths of fire due to the strong winds. Fire-brigades, helicopters and and fire-fighting airplanes are still struggling to extinguish the fire. The big wildfire in South-Eastern Attica is the first of this summer season.

GREECE: The Elections in Greece Conservatives New Democracy  won the race

 By Dr Tanveer Ahmed / Jun 18.

Greece / Athens. The conservative New Democracy (ND) from the parliamentary elections on Sunday emerged as the most votes. The preliminary result (99.91% of polling stations) is: ND 29.66% (129 seats), a radical leftist coalition SYRIZA 26.89% (71). This is followed: the socialist PASOK 12.28% (33), the Independent Greeks 7.51% (20), the far-right Chrysi Avgi 6.92% (18), 6.26%, the Democratic Left (17) and the Communist KKE 4.50% (12).  The first official projection from 21.30 clock time had anticipated the end result more or less. It is worth noting, moreover, that the abstention was nearly 38%.  In an initial statement emphasized the ND president Antonis Samaras (see photo) that the Greek people have opted to remain with his voice of Greece in the Euro zone and the EU. He, Samaras, will seek to form a "government of national salvation." Greece will respect the agreements negotiated with the partners, but need the same growth and measures to combat the massive unemployment. For the country, Samaras, it would "not be any new adventures, Greece's position in Europe will not be called into doubt, fear will not gain the upper hand, and especially the victims of the Greek people are bearing fruit." There was a significant moment for Greece and for Europe.  Alexis Tsipras, president of SYRIZA, made clear in his initial statement that his party would participate in any government. Put "Our proposal for a reversal of austerity is the only viable solution for all of Europe," said Tsipras. The rejection of the memorandum a clear and repeated public order dar. The austerity measures and the sellout of the nation's wealth could not go on. "An unholy alliance of diehards in Greece and abroad have "stood against SYRIZA. He thanked the people for the five-fold increase of its election results, and agree not to use the positions of the party under the converted policy. No party can govern more from the people who have condemned the austerity clear. "The new day has already dawned.

The Chairman of the third largest party Evangelos Venizelos urged the formation of a "government of national collective responsibility", at least with the participation of ND, PASOK,. SYRIZA and DIMAR "Without the national mobilization, and if some lurking in opposition around the corner" could be no significant decision and no contract to negotiate and implement. Venizelos urged other party leaders to be submitted to the President, and contracts for government formation at the three strongest parties to skip right to the advice of party leaders at his (the president) convened chair. All parties must assume their responsibility, which the PASOK "in full awareness of its role as guarantor of" doing already. It is clear that was born with the election on Sunday, a new two-party system, albeit at a much lower level than in previous decades. Purely arithmetic is possible with the present result of the formation of a provisional government. The most votes gets under Greek electoral law a bonus of 50 seats. The ND and two other parties have expressed before the election that they want to prevent in any case, a third round (after the 6th May and 17th June). It is the PASOK and the Democratic Left. A parliamentary majority needed at least 151 seats. The last days of the campaign in Greece have been characterized by a polarization between the ND and the SYRIZA. More or less was the dilemma € or return to the drachma in the center.

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